With many satisfied clients across Australia, Supreme is becoming the trusted partner for every upcoming and established hotel in the accommodation sector..


A leading housekeeping service provider to the Hotel industry offering a broad range of guest and outsourcing services..

We work with you to provide expert solutions for your hotels.llll

Customised contracts over a period of 3 years ensure you choose and pay for only the services you require.




Trained Professionals

Supreme Hospitality Services : We Love Our Clients

Reduced Expenditure

Our processes and systems boost operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs thus allowing for maximum savings.

Service Flexibility

From complete outsourcing to top-up models, we offer a range of housekeeping services to accommodate every client requirement.

Specialised Staff

Our well-trained staff improves guest experience and overall quality by undergoing as well as conducting training programs for others.

Business Growth

Leaving all housekeeping matters in our qualified hands leaves top management free to focus on central business aspects.